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Behavioral Health Clubs

Meeting Schedule

Every Other Thursday from 4-5 via Zoom

We Need You!

Now seeking youth and adults (family members and system professionals alike). Youth and families will be compensated with gift cards in $25 increments for every hour you put in. Contact Val using the form below for details!


Develop social marketing plans specific to each student body using language, imagery, and engagement methods that really speak to the unique communities at each location.


Explore existing models and approaches for behavioral health clubs, and identify schools in our region that could benefit from having their own club.


Provide support to students and staff/faculty as they work to start clubs and keep them going.


Design and facilitate listening forums at schools in order to identify behavioral health champions, get vital community input, and develop relationships with youth, families, and school staff/faculty.


Lend your expertise and insight to reviewing progress, updating plans, and making adjustments as we go along!


Ready to get involved?

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