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Our Values

We value youth and families who seek behavioral health services.

We support youth and families by:

  • Advocating for positive, safe, and brave antiracist and inclusive spaces

  • Curating, developing, and sharing culturally and linguistically accessible resources

  • Providing reasonable accommodations so that everyone can participate

We value youth self-determination.

We support youth by creating a culture that supports basic psychological needs for:

  • Autonomy

  • Connectedness

  • Competency

We value the work that youth and families do to advance an equitable and inclusive system of care in the North Sound region.

We support youth and families with equitable and appropriate compensation for their contributions by offering:

  • A food delivery card for everyone who completes post-meeting surveys

  • Gift cards and stipends

  • Free admission to activities and events

  • Mileage and travel reimbursement

We value caring collaboration between youth and adults.

We support adult/youth partnership by:

  • Centering and prioritizing youth perspectives and opinions

  • Acknowledging and advocating for youth empowerment in our shared work

  • Being transparent and specific about youth and adult roles, expectations, and contributions

  • Holding ourselves mutually accountable to each other

  • Sharing leadership and decision making

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