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Goal #3

To equitably increase youth and family involvement in YFC from all five counties in the North Sound region.

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Action Plan

Second Monday of Every Month from 4-6


  • By youth-adult partnership we mean youth partners planning and running outreach projects with support from family and system partners regarding resources and logistics.


  • YFC has a positively engaged youth-adult partnership Outreach Committee that meets regularly to plan outreach activities that answer emergent community needs.

  • YFC membership includes at least 2 youth and 2 parents or family members from each county, and that at least 51% of the total number of members identifies as either a youth partner or family partner.


Start an Outreach Committee that develops positive youth-adult partnerships and meets regularly to plan activities that answer emergent community needs.

Target Date:

January 2022

Progress: Complete


Tri-Leads will follow up with new meeting attendees to help answer their questions and welcome them to YFC.

Target Date:


Progress: Under Review


Invite the Health Care Authority's (HCA) North Sound Tribal Liaison to present on tribal outreach to help members gain awareness of the needs and concerns of our tribal neighbors.

Target Date:

March 2022

Progress: Complete


Hold 15 minute new member info sessions prior to monthly regional meetings.

Target Date:


Progress: Under Review


Develop a social marketing plan that focuses on engaging young people to develop materials and manage tasks. Seek funding as necessary and appropriate.

Target Date: December 2022




Update YFC's website so that it is easier to navigate and more users have access to update information. Make the website a hub for all of YFC's activities.

Target Date: 6/30/2022

Progress: Complete

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