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Goal #3

To equitably increase youth and family involvement in YFC from all five counties in the North Sound region as measured by:

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Action Plan

Second Monday of Every Month from 4-6


Actively working to recruit and engage youth and families from each county in the region.


1. At least two (2) youth from each county are members of YFC.

2. At least two (2) family members from each county are members of YFC.

3. At least fifty-one percent (51%) of the total number of members identify as youth and family partners.

Target Date:

Reviewed Quarterly

Progress: Ongoing


Nurturing a positively engaged youth-adult partnership Oureach Committee that meets regularly to plan outreach activities and answer emergent community needs.


1. Develop behavioral health appointment preparation cards.

2. Update resources page on website to include local resource directory links.

3. Seek out public information campaigns YFC can amplify on our own social media accounts.

4. Create a youth leadership page on YFC's website with links to resources, programs, and opportunities.

Target Dates:

1. 12/31/2023

2. 8/30/2023

3. Ongoing

4. 12/31/2023

Progress: In Progress


·    By youth-adult partnership we mean youth partners planning and running outreach projects with support from family and system partners regarding resources and logistics.

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